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Hello Oak Ridge Flyers,

Fall is in the air, and great weather for flying is upon us.  A few things to remember:         1) Make sure that the Master Switch is turned off

2) On N3198R, when done flying or parked, switch the fuel selector to the left or right.  This will keep the fuel balanced in the tanks.

3)All windshields need to be cleaned after a flight. All trash taken out.

This leads to the bugs, and dirt that has accumulated on the leading edges of the Airplanes.  It would be nice to keep the airplanes clean of parasite drag.   For those who frequently fly any of the Club Airplanes, here is an incentive that is being offered.  The club will award credit for those who wash and vacuum the airplanes Once a quarter or as needed, which will be announced.

Champ 1hr credit

C150 1hr credit

C172 .75hr credit

C182 .5hr credit

Put your name on the calender  for the day you will wash and vacuum.  When you are done post as a squawk on the club website.  The airplane(s) will be checked and credit will be awarded.                                                                                                                We should be seeing the champ getting back on line here pretty soon.  There is just a few more parts that we are waiting on.  There will be a post on this as soon as its up and flying.                                                                                                                                                                                           Happy and Safe Flying

2 thoughts on “Fall info..

  1. Jean-Francois Reat


    On my own personal plane, we use a “quick detailer” spray product to clean bugs off of the leading edges. Is anything like this available in the Flyers hangars? Would it be safe on the fabric wings of our Champ? Of course you need to hose off mud and grass thrown up by the tires.

    Also, could you update us on the Champ engine rebuild?


    J-F Reat


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