Buying a share in the Oak Ridge Flyers gives you many of the benefits of fractional ownership without the associated cost or limitation to one aircraft type. Our planes seat 2-4 people and range from the LSA Aeronca Champ taildragger to the souped-up Cessna 182 Skylane.

You’ll also enjoy the social connections available at meetings and club events! We have two business meetings per year, an annual picnic and flour-bombing/spot landing contest and various other events throughout the year.

Ready to Join?

✔ Contact club staff to check availability.

✔ Fill out the Membership Application and print.

✔ Read over the club bylaws

✔ Make check for club share purchase payable to “Oak Ridge Flyers, Inc.

✔ Include copies of any pilot certificates and ratings

✔ Send to:

Oak Ridge Flyers, Inc.
P.O. Box 4491,
Oak Ridge, Tn. 37831-4491.