Club meeting next Tuesday the 10th of Febuarary

Just a  quick reminder about next weeks meeting on Tuesday at 7pm.  Remember we only have two a year, and would love to see as many members as possible.  We will be voting, and remember, every vote counts.

52M is the big winner for the most hours flown airplane in our fleet.  98R is Second.  And 45V and the champ are collecting ice webs….

Also a big congrats for Brian Wright on getting his private pilots license!!!   Lets give him a big high five when we see him around.

See you all next week and happy flying.

Winter News

My Apologies, I have not had a chance to send out a news letter lately.   First I want to give a big congrats to Jean Bilheax for getting his Private Pilots License!!!

This past  summer was a great time to fly…  Not as much rain as the year before.  As a result, the airplanes where all flow quite a bit.  The airfield picnic went well, until we got a strong wind storm that scared everyone off, except the hard core flyers.

98R will be flown to KDKX  and be kept there until TN08 gets its green grass back or when wheels don’t sink.  Whichever comes first.

We have a Club meeting coming up next month. Its the second Tuesday of the month, so mark your calenders.  Lets have a good turn out, as we will be voting for some expired terms coming up.

Thank you, Happy and Safe flying…



Dont forget the TN08 Picnic

A reminder about tomorrows(6/21/14) Airfield Picnic at Oliver springs.  Starting at 11am we will serve hamburgers and hot dogs, and sides(bring a side if you want).  Soon after we will start with the spot landing and flour bombing contest.  Tomorrow is forecast to be nearly the same temperature as today. Partly cloudy with a stray thunderstorm.

Olivers Springs Annual picnic

Hi Ya’ll,  Its that time of the year.   Plan to come out Saturday the 21st of June. The event starts at 11am till?  So bring your family and friends for some fun…

With less rain so far this year, we might have a great event for the flour bombing and precision landing contest.  We would like to see as many of the ORFC members show up.     Also, if there’s anyone who can help out with the BBQ duties please let me know.

Thank you, and safe flying,

Oscar Duran

865 247 3304

Fall info..

Hello Oak Ridge Flyers,

Fall is in the air, and great weather for flying is upon us.  A few things to remember:         1) Make sure that the Master Switch is turned off

2) On N3198R, when done flying or parked, switch the fuel selector to the left or right.  This will keep the fuel balanced in the tanks.

3)All windshields need to be cleaned after a flight. All trash taken out.

This leads to the bugs, and dirt that has accumulated on the leading edges of the Airplanes.  It would be nice to keep the airplanes clean of parasite drag.   For those who frequently fly any of the Club Airplanes, here is an incentive that is being offered.  The club will award credit for those who wash and vacuum the airplanes Once a quarter or as needed, which will be announced.

Champ 1hr credit

C150 1hr credit

C172 .75hr credit

C182 .5hr credit

Put your name on the calender  for the day you will wash and vacuum.  When you are done post as a squawk on the club website.  The airplane(s) will be checked and credit will be awarded.                                                                                                                We should be seeing the champ getting back on line here pretty soon.  There is just a few more parts that we are waiting on.  There will be a post on this as soon as its up and flying.                                                                                                                                                                                           Happy and Safe Flying

Internet Explorer Issues

There has been some compatibility view issues with Internet Explorer for the website.  This should be a simple fix.  Go to the top left after the address and there is a broken page icon. Click on that and that should correct any issues with out of place and missing links.  If there are any other issues please call Oscar Duran 865 247 3304 and I will forward the info to the web browser.  My sincere apologies Thank you for patience.

Club Meeting August 13th, 2013

First I would like to thank those who where able to make it to Tuesday’s club meeting.  Second, a big welcome to Mark Bratcher, Father and Son Duo who are working on their private pilot ticket.  Also, Wes Tilley who is also working on getting his ticket.  All are Brian Westfalls’ Students.
Besides covering the usual minutes from the previous meeting we also went over the Finances. We are paid in full on all but one loan the has 8 months Remaining. So by the next meeting we should be a couple of months from being a debt free club!!
Also covered were the condition of the Fleet.
C182 has a new starter, that not only starts fast but hopefully will last a long time to come.  One thing to keep in mind on all Airplanes when starting,  don’t crank for more then 10 sec. wait 1 minute before trying again. Keep it to no more then 3 attempts.  This will help in keeping the starters from frying up.
The C172 is doing well, and no issues or problems.  With our soon to be debt free status.  We will look at the option of a new interior for 45V.
The C150 just received a annual, and is back on the line.
The Champ is down, and being worked on for a complete engine rebuild.  Hopefully she will be up and running for the great Fall weather.
In General, We need everyone to clean the windows with pledge after each flight, no matter if it looks clean.  If the tires need air, we have a compressor in the champ hanger. Check the POH for needed tire pressure.
For those who frequently fly any aircraft, we would like to see volunteers wash and vacuum as needed.  Once a month is ideal.  Please post on calender.
As many have noticed, we have a new website.  Hopefully it will also attract anyone wanting to join. We are nearing our limit, so it wont take long before we are a fully filled club.
A new web schedule was tried, but it was decided that the old calendar was easier to see and get to.  We should get this back up by Friday or over the weekend.  Any existing reservations will be transferred back.
Please submit any photos that you may have taken while flying and I will post them on the media page.  I will also post the links to any videos from youtube.
The weather page will offer not only weather, but some links that can help for flight planning.
Doug was re-elected as a board member.
Next meeting will be at 7pm Feb 11th.2014.  far away enough from Valentines, so none of us should be getting in trouble from our better halfs.
I didn’t get a chance to post the results of the Flour bombing and precision landing contest.  The Weather did not cooperate, but the BBQ(Thank you Brian w. and Trish K.) was great and we had a descent turn out considering the weather.
Hope to see more pilots flying and having fun whatever your destination may be.
Fly Safe, Fly Smart,