We have an excellent plane-to-member ratio, because we know there’s nothing more frustrating than watching others fly on a beautiful day while you’re stuck on the ground! We have everything from a low-and-slow LSA (Aeronca Champ), a Cessna 150 Aerobat, an instrument-certified Cessna 172 and a fast, comfortable Cessna 182 with autopilot for cutting down travel time on long cross-countries.

The best part? All billing is done on “tach” time. This can save you up to 20% off the standard “Hobbs” time billing, especially while taxing or idling!

Need to be signed off?

Members who need to be checked out on any of our aircraft please contact Brain Westfall CFII @ 865-705-7587


Champ — N83504
Capacity: 2 Persons
Rate: $55/hr wet (Tach)

Cessna Aerobat 150 –N8352M
Capacity: 2 Seat
Rate: $59/hr wet (Tach)

Cessna 172 (1975) –N9645V
Capacity: 4 Persons
Rate: $76/hr wet (Tach)

Cessna 182 –N3198R
Capacity 4 Persons
Rate:   $125/hr wet (Tach.)