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Oak Ridge Flyers is based out of Oliver Springs, TN (TN08). Our airport is conveniently located for Knoxville, Oak Ridge and the surrounding area. We are a 50 member club, currently operating four planes. We have a Champ, Cessna 150 Aerobat, Cessna 172 Skyhawk and Cessna 182. This will provide a very large fleet for our limited membership, which helps to assure pilots of plane availability. Hourly rates are extremely competitive when compared to other Knoxville flying clubs and plane rentals. The 172 and 182 are both well equipped for instrument flying with a Garmin 430 and 530 respectively. The 182 has an autopilot coupled to the 530. For those just beginning to enjoy flying, we have our Certified Flight Instructor, Brian Westfall who welcomes student pilots. Please contact us for further information and one of our board members will contact you.

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FAA clears high-speed mark for new Citation X

The new Citation X is cleared to operate at Mach 0.935 when it enters service and become the fastest non-military aircraft in the world, Cessna says today in a press release. Read More

Book values on business jet sales hit 5-year peak in Q3

​Business jet sales remain weak in some areas, but a resurgence of large jet orders fueled by new products drove the market’s best third quarter in five years in terms of book value, according to shipment data released today by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA). Read More

Embraer announces Melbourne expansion for Legacy 500/450

​Embraer will add assembly lines for the Legacy 500/450 business jets to the expanding Melbourne, Florida, production complex, the company says today. Read More